Success Academy In Your Neighborhood?

The Department of Education has been holding Success Academy hearings across the city to get public input on 14 new Success Academy applications. Most of these hearings are complete, but District 1’s hearing is on January 8th! 

This public hearing is open to anyone interested in providing public comment about the
proposed charter school applications for each Success Academy Charter School NYC …

If you are unable to make it to the hearing, you can still let the DOE know what you think by filling out the form below. Writing before January 10th is best! Check out our testimony here.

Here is what I am thinking about Success Academy's plan to open a new charter school in District 1:*
Here's what I would rather see happen in District 1:
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If you send your comments to the DOE using the form, your email will also automatically be sent to the SUNY Charter Approval Board, members of the press, Governor Cuomo, Merryl Tisch, Mayor De Blasio (and staff), and your local Community Education Council. You will also be asked if it is okay for NYCpublic to post your comment on our site. If you say “yes,” we will only identify you by District. If you say “no,” we will not publish your comment.

Make your voice heard far and wide. And check out the comments we’ve already collected (mostly from other districts’ hearings).