Kindergarten Connect And You

70,000 parents are expected to use Kindergarten Connect between now and  Feb. 14. We sincerely hope that all of you have a positive experience using this new system, but as we have said in the past, this might involve some glitches.

This is a space for you to share your experiences, questions, and thoughts (good or bad) about Kindergarten Connect. The DOE has a survey, but the press and the public won’t see your responses, so please fill out this form so we can make sure the complete story is told.

I do outreach for a non-zoned district-wide school in low income communities. In the past I would take our application to a preschool and help parents sign up. Now with Kindergarten Connect, I have to tell parents, many of whom don’t speak English as a first language and also do not have access to a computer, that they need to go online, or call 718-935-2400, or go to a borough enrollment office. It feels wrong to not just support them and help them in the way that I was able to in the past. – Angie Kenny PS 372 parent & member of Outreach & Diversity Committees

I was helping a parent fill out the online form and we go to the end and they asked for an email. The parent doesn’t have one, so now she is supposed to call 718-935-2400 and start all over again. I want to help people. This concerns me because not everyone has an email address. We helped another parent who had an email address; but the website went down and the person had to complete the application by phone.    I am on the CEC for District 13 and I did raise concerns with the DOE.  I question whether or not this process is really fair.  – Diane Stephens, District 13

I’ve decided I want to look at more schools, and most of them don’t have openings for tours before the deadline. – D15 parent

My zone school is not the school that would be the best fit for my son, but I feel pressured to list it first as it might have a wait list next year. I just don’t trust that there will be a seat for me if I don’t rank it first. – Brooklyn parent


About questions: You can write to with Kindergarten Connect questions. Please cc: info at so that we have a record of your question. The more we know about Kindergarten Connect, the more we can advocate for improvements (or an end) to the system.

Fill out this form and we will post your comments ASAP. If we only post an excerpt, rest assured that all of the comments left here will be shared with the DOE.