District 13’s Middle Equity Mini-Lab


District 13 Families,

Recently, many of you contributed your time and your thoughts as we met throughout the district to envision what it takes to make a good middle school. Now, we’re writing to ask you to join us once again, or for the first time.

Why? Because building (or restructuring) our schools is only part of the solution. The other part is middle school admissions: figuring out how to assign students to schools so that both the schools and the students in them succeed.

Getting this right is important enough that we have decided to collaborate with the nonprofit group NYCpublic to create a “mini-Lab,” a 3-hour interactive session where participants will begin to explore the question: How might District 13 ensure that all middle school students have equal education opportunities?

Even though the question is a serious one, NYCpublic will design the mini-Lab to be not only informative, but lively and highly participatory. Those who attend will tackle the question in a variety of ways: listening, talking, writing (briefly), maybe even drawing. Professional facilitation will keep things moving so that “everyone participates, but no one dominates.”

We know that any proposal for changing admissions will only be effective if it reflects what families in the district want. Please consider attending one of these sessions so that you can build your knowledge about the topic and lend your voice.

Childcare will be available (with advanced signup) and refreshments will be served. See the flyer for dates, location, and registration details.